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Largest US Nurses Union Calls On Senate To Block Tom Price HHS Appointment

December 28, 2016  
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News
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Washington, DC – The nation’s largest nurses’ union is calling on the Senate to reject the nomination of Representative Tom Price, Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

National Nurses United Spokesperson Charles Idelson:

[Charles Idelson]: “Our union represents registered nurses.  They are that canaries in the Coal Mine…the ones who see the effects of the horrific priorities of this nation.  They see people all the time who are continuing to suffer from the ongoing consequences of a health care system that’s based on the ability to pay and profiteering and not on patient need.  The Price nomination will make that crisis for so many people far worse because of his history and the philosophy that he represents, which is basically further transference of our health and security to a profiteering, private-focused health care system…to further deny proper health care services to millions of Americans. “

Idelson cited Price’s plans to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, support for privatization, opposition to reproductive rights for women, and proposals to reduce federal support for Medicaid:

[Charles Idelson]: “Really, what that is, is an encouragement to slash funding for Medicaid, [for services] in many states, particularly those with right-wing governors and [right-wing] legislatures that are philosophically opposed to health care spending in the first place.  And it’s an open invitation to drastically cut Medicaid spending.”

While NNU has no illusions that the Republicans will heed their concerns, they are also sending a message to the other side of the aisle:

[Charles Idelson]: “One of the ways they can demonstrate a change of direction is to show a real aggressive advocacy for working people, a move away from the priorities of Wall Street, which includes the corporate health-care industry, who profiteers of people being in pain and sick.  And this is as much a message to them as it is to the Republicans.”

December 27, 2016

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