Laid Off Workers Tour Country Urging Nabisco Boycott

June 20, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

 Chicago, IL – Union workers laid off by Nabisco's parent company are urging a boycott of Nabisco products. Nabisco decided to wipe out 600 good American jobs in Chicago to make Oreos and other products in Mexico. So far 294 workers have been laid off in two waves.

BCTGM Local 364 members were in Portland Oregon June 16 and 17th picketing a Nabisco plant and addressing an Oregon AFL-CIO meeting. Ron Baker is the union's strategic coordinator.

[Rob Baker]: “These companies move across borders and across oceans. They may make their products in other places, but there’s one thing that they always come back to, and that’s the root financial structure of the United States and its consumer base. Our contention is if we can’t be part of the production of products, then we should not be part of consuming them and financially rewarding these countries for actually dismantling the middle class in America.  Whether it’s a BCTGM job, a supervisor job or an IAM job, it’s still Mondelez gutting the middle class here.”

June 19, 2016

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