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LaborPress Strongly Endorses Thomas P. DiNapoli for NYS Comptroller

By The Editorial Board of LaborPress
October 13, 2010

The New York State Comptroller plays a vital role in protecting the financial security of the millions of working men and women in this State.

Tasked with managing the state’s $129 billion pension fund and making sure tax dollars are used effectively, the Comptroller’s policies have a broad impact on the lives and finances of all New Yorkers.

The editorial board of LaborPress firmly believes that the choice is clear:  Thomas P. DiNapoli is the best candidate for New York State Comptroller.  Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli is a distinguished public servant with a strong record of supporting working families in these tumultuous economic times.

When he became Comptroller in 2007, DiNapoli transformed the scandal-ridden office into one known for its integrity, transparency and independence. As the sole trustee of the state’s pension fund, DiNapoli has safeguarded and
strengthened workers’ benefits. Even as many public pensions are facing funding crises, under Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York has been lauded by Governing Magazine as the “nationwide pension leader.” DiNapoli has also been a vigorous taxpayer watchdog, identifying $3.3 billion in waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars in the last three years.

In contrast, his opponent Harry Wilson has indicated that he will stand for his fellow Wall Street millionaires in opposing many of the policies that protect New York’s hard-working middle class.  He has called for shifting the State’s pension fund system to a 401(k) model and is in favor of preserving a federal income tax loophole that lets hedge fund managers pay less on their taxes than the middle class.  

Wilson’s plan for managing the pension fund would raise taxes $2,500 per household outside of New York City in the first year alone. A former hedge fund manager, Wilson made millions on Wall Street playing the risky financial games that crashed our economy and left millions without jobs and homes. Harry Wilson is not on the side of working families.  New York deserves far better.

Thomas P. DiNapoli is our choice, and is by far the best man to protect our pensions and ensure that our hard-earned money is not squandered.

October 12, 2010

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