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LaborPress Now Provides Daily News and Services for Unions

February 29, 2016

Thanks to our growing readership, LaborPress is now the largest labor news network in the nation. Our media operation produces daily labor news across all social media platforms, as well as the site and print magazine. As our coverage of the labor movement expands in New York and across the country, we continue to receive accolades from union leaders, legislators and advocates throughout the labor community.

There's No Better Forum for Reaching the Labor Community and Legislators than LaborPress.

LaborPress now also provides important services for unions designed to enhance internal communication with members and potential members. Effective communication is a critical organizing tool. We'll write and produce internal news for your organization that can be utilized across a variety of digital platforms, flyers, magazines, etc. We will do it all –  Monthly Report to the Membership, Profiles of Members, Descriptions of Events, Organizing Information, and Updated Labor Reports. We'll also design and place your media advertising if needed at no additional cost.

There's No Better Way to Reach Members and Potential Members than Having LaborPress Provide Your Internal Communications.

For information about LaborPress services contact Stephanie West at 646-529-8435, or Neal Tepel at or 646-591-6484.

February 29, 2016

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