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Laborpress – GVS Shines With Perfect Vision On Trendsetting Designer Collection

July 18, 2017

By Tara Jessup

July 19, 2017
By David Liu

Vision plans have traditionally revolved around tight pricing structures that offer outdated frame options, leaving consumers to pay more out-of-pocket for newer more fashionable models.

To buck this trend, General Vision Services is offering an exclusive collection of popular frame styles and brands under their benefits programs, allowing their members to stay on-trend while maximizing their benefit dollars.

GVS, the best-in-class vision benefits provider in the New York tri-state area, currently offers their members over 200 designer frames and has been doing so for over a half- century. Their entire offering is labeled under the GVS Designer Collection, which features high-quality selections that fit all ages and styles. Much of the GVS Designer Collection is available at over hundreds of optical locations, and many of these brands fall into the higher tiered categories of competing providers. In fact, a major appeal of the GVS Collection comes from the ever-expanding contemporary selection, which is always offered at their discounted prices.

The collection is updated annually to keep up with the newest styles and ever-changing trends, offering plenty of looks for both fashionistas and the plainly bespectacled alike. Styles can range from trendy fashionable classics such as cat eye, rounded, and oversized rectangular models, to more mainstream staples like subtle thin-frames. The GVS Designer Collection also boasts a wide range of choices for the entire family. The selection includes everything from extra-large men’s selections to smaller children’s designs, which helps to ensure that all members are covered.

Additionally, GVS introduced a Trend Report this year, giving shoppers a visual guide into the company’s wide array of eyewear styles and fashions. By supplying members with a style guide for picking out the perfect pair of stylish frames, the GVS collection has continued to grow in popularity amongst shoppers. From dazzling embellishments on the temples to gradual gradient colors and designs, members get an affordable selection that rivals even the largest stores. An updated 2018 version of the Trend Report, featuring new styles, is also in the works.

Traditionally, the cost of a full optometrist visit in the NYC metro area — complete with a comprehensive eye examination, designer frame, and lens coating options – can add up to over $700 per member. With the GVS plans, actual costs can be either covered in full or discounted substantially. By removing the extensive out-of-pocket expenses associated with traditional benefits, members and families stop paying extra for more style, fashion, and variety. GVS considers this a win-win, as they can continue servicing their union community through innovative plans. Through their Designer Collection, GVS has bridged the gap between style, quality, and affordability, and the results continue to be overwhelmingly positive for the fashion forward company.

July 18, 2017

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