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Labor Leader John Delgado Advocates Parity in Workplace Safety Rules

May 6, 2011
By Myles Nicholas Miller

A Labor leader Friday said that it should be a felony for a non union construction worker to knowingly conceal a workplace injury.

Speaking at a labor industry breakfast this morning, Laborers 79 Business Manager John Delgado said in many instances developers who employ non union workers don’t seek medical attention for their employees in an effort to skirt worker’s compensation laws.

“Individuals in non union job sites who get hurt get put in a car and taken home because they don’t want to be liable for it,” said Delgado, adding that his union has evidence of this practice being done on multiple occasions. The labor leader noted that “78% of accidents occur in non union job sites.“Non union sites need to be held to the same standards as union sites,” Delgado added. The Chairman of the Assembly Subcommittee on Workplace Safety was quick to express his support for proposed legislation.

“We should make it a crime if a worker gets hurt and is not sent to a hospital,” said Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D – Queens), who, along with Delgado attended the Business and Labor Coalition of New York panel discussion this morning.  Lancman said that his office would look into making the practice into State law.

Delgado said developers try to avoid OSHA standards to avoid paying taxes on workers.


May 7, 2011

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