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Labor Day

September 6, 2016 

NYS Senator Andrea Stewart

By NYS Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

New York, NY – As summer winds down and we gather in streets and backyards to celebrate Labor Day, it’s important for us to remember why we observe this tradition.

Labor Day is a time for us to appreciate the contributions the labor movement has made to improving the lives and conditions of workers throughout the state and country.

Hardworking men and women fought tirelessly to achieve a forty-hour work week, establish a minimum wage, and end child labor. They knew that dignified labor merited a fair wage, time off, and adequate compensation, and they risked their jobs, their health, and their lives so we could enjoy these benefits today.

Their bravery inspires New York’s modern progressive leadership and the struggle for labor rights continues today. After years of work, we have finally triumphed in a long and arduous campaign to raise the minimum wage and secure paid family leave for every worker.

As your Senator, I will continue to fight for better working conditions, job safety, and economic security for all workers. Thank you to each and every hardworking New Yorker for your incredible commitment to making our state such a great place to work and live. Have a happy Labor Day!

September 5, 2016

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