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Labor And Community Unite In Los Angeles To Fight Deportation Of Central American Asylum Seekers

June 11, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Los Angeles, CA – A coalition of Los Angeles labor and community groups have come together to fight Department of Homeland Security plans to deport thousands of Central American immigrants.  

Stop Separating Families said federal agents are stepping up arrests and deportations this month of those who had their asylum claims denied.  Ernesto Arce has more from Los Angeles.   

According to Border Patrol statistics, some 120,000 Central American migrants were apprehended for crossing into the U.S. without permission since January 2014.  Many unaccompanied children were released to family members after media reports revealed images of dozens of children incarcerated in small concrete rooms.

Now, the Obama Administration wants to send them back home as a way of sending a message to others. 

Julissa Arceo, with Stop Separating Families, said the newcomers are not immigrants but refugees that should be protected by international law.

[Julissa Arceo]: “Under our country’s laws there is a process for them to seek asylum. That process is not being followed. We are asking three year-old children to represent themselves in front of an immigration judge.

So once their cases area denied, we say, ‘You have to leave the country.’ I think it’s easy to understand why these people aren’t flocking back to their countries. El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras have some of the highest murder rates in the world.”   

Many women and children who came to the U.S. since 2014 said they were running from violent street gangs, especially in El Salvador and Honduras. 

Court records show that asylum seekers have a very low chance of success without lawyers.  To hear the audio click the following link

For Workers Independent News, Ernesto Arce, Los Angeles

June 11, 2016

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