Kellogg Ordered to End Lock-Out of Union Workers

August 6, 2014
By Stephanie West

Memphis, Tenn. – U.S. District Judge Samuel Mays ruled on July 31st that Kellogg must allow the workers that the company locked-out to re-enter the plant. Kellogg locked out 300 union employees from the company cereal plant over nine months ago.

Mays ordered Kellogg's to re-establish its old employment conditions and begin negotiations with the union and workers. The cereal maker now needs to report to the judge within 20 days on how the company plans to comply with his order. The judge called ending the lockout "just and proper." Kellogg's had demanded the workers take deep pay cuts, pay more for their health insurance and allow the firm to outsource their jobs. The company refused to discuss issues or negotiate and locked-out workers.

The federal judge agreed entirely with the union and the National Labor Relations Board. Judge Mays rejected each and every argument Kellogg had made since the dispute began, said BCTGM President David Durkee.

August 5, 2014

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