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Jerry Springer Opera: Uncouth Satire That’s Past Its Expiration Date

February 28, 2018

By Dr. Leonard Golubchick, LaborPress Entertainment Editor

Jerry Springer: The Opera first opened in the United Kingdom in 2003, and has finally reached the shores of the United States in the New Group Production at the Signature Theatre. Directed by John Rando, the show stars Broadway regulars Terrance Mann as TV talk-show host Jerry Springer and Will Swenson in a dual role as his “warm-up man” and Satan. It features a score by Richard Thomas, who also wrote the book and lyrics with Stewart Lee.

Despite their talents, the problem is the material. This show highlights the low-life, morbidly dumb, and promiscuous characters one would typically view confronting each other on Springer’s TV show.

The satire is greatly lacking. The characters bring out their rude dystopian view of society, obsessed with who is kissing and loving who, through songs that do not lack the “F-bomb.” The word is broadcasted some 200 times. If this were a real television show, the bleeps would make both the songs and the script incomprehensible.

Obviously, this is not a source of entertainment for anyone with a brain.  Save your money and just tune in to the Springer hour.  

February 28, 2018

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