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IUOE Local 138 Seeks to Defeat Constitutional Referendum

October 8, 2017

By Stephanie West

Farmingdale, N.Y. – Calling it “a sucker punch on every working man and woman in the State of New York,” John Duffy, Treasurer and Business Manager of Local 138 of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), has announced that the union has made defeat of the referendum seeking a statewide Constitutional Convention its number one priority this year. Duffy stated, “On November 7th there will be a state wide referendum that asks whether a New York Constitutional Convention should be convened. Were that to happen, virtually every program, benefit, law, government authority and regulatory oversight will be put into play, subject to lobbyists, special interest groups and political contributors with bottomless pockets. Our union local will aggressively campaign against that proposal.”

In an open letter to Local 138’s members Duffy reminds, “As union members we have a range of safeguards and protections embedded in our state constitution that protects the very heart and soul of collective bargaining along with our private and public pensions, the prevailing wage, workmen’s compensation, and more. Literally everything that touches you and your community can be found written into the pages of the state Constitution.  And all of it could be taken away, amended or deleted by Constitutional Convention delegates who will be answerable to no one.”

“You, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your union brothers and sisters need to vote No on whether to convene a Constitutional Convention in New York,” he warns.

“This proposed constitutional convention can harm your job, your future and your family in ways you can only imagine in a nightmare. We need to vote as one on this issue,” continued Duffy.

*** IUOE Local 138 members build much of Long Island’s public and private infrastructure, from new commercial and retail space to restored roads and bridges.

October 8, 2017

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