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NYC Winter Jazzfest Musicians Owed $40,000 In Wages & Benefits

September 1, 2015
By Joe Maniscalco 

NYC Winterfest musicians are owed some $40,000.

New York, NY - Later this month, a potential audience of 16 million viewers in 39 countries will be tuning into to watch the NYC Winter Jazzfest recorded in January — unfortunately, none of the artists performing in those knock out shows at the Bitter End and Subculture in Greenwich Village have been fully paid. 


Affordable Housing Essential for NYC

August 21, 2015
By NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York NY - More New Yorkers than ever are struggling to keep up with rising rents, leaving less and less of their paychecks for things like food, healthcare, and other essentials. This is not a niche issue; it affects everyone from those struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder to middle-class working families.


Hands-Off the Desnuda of Times Square

August 26, 2015
By Larry Cary

I say let the desnuda of Times Square alone.  The law says that women can display their breasts in public.  And the law says that panhandling is protected by the First Amendment.


BP Diaz Blasts NYCHA Housing Proposal

August 21, 2015
By Tara Jessup

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is raising serious concerns over a proposal by the New York City Housing Authority to develop open green spaces between existing buildings at city housing projects. “The tenants of NYCHA should not be treated like second-class citizens,” said Borough President Diaz.


Gallup Poll: ‘Americans Want Unions’

August 24, 2015
By Clyde Weiss Reprined:

Americans are seeing the connection between unions and balancing the economy, allowing workers to come together to build a better life for their families. Overall, Gallup found that support for labor unions is now at an impressive 58 percent, a rise of 5 percentage points since 2008. A Business Insider headline put it simply: ‘Americans want unions.’


Trump Las Vegas Employees Seeking to Unionize

August 20, 2015
By john Quinn, LaborPress USA

Las Vegas, Nevada, Employees from Trump International Hotel Las Vegas have been demonstrating for pay equality and the right to join a union. Over 500 Trump Las Vegas employees are seeking to unionize so that they can have the American Dream and have a better life for themselves and their families.



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