Rent Guidelines Board Decision By Court of Appeals

Rent Guidelines Board Decision By Court of Appeals

March 25, 2011
By Christine C. Quinn

Today's decision by the Court of Appeals is a real blow to our efforts to keep our city affordable for working New Yorkers at a time when we are fighting to preserve and expand rent protections throughout the state, it’s extremely disheartening to see the court uphold what is essentially a direct attack on the rights of nearly 300,000 tenants.

The Rent Guidelines Board orders that were upheld today subject some long term tenants to rent increases nearly double those of other tenants. This will leave some New Yorkers paying more than 50% of income on rent.

The purpose of the Rent Stabilization Law is to protect long term tenants. As the dissenting judges pointed out today, the court’s decision runs contrary to the spirit of that law.

While we are disappointed at this decision, it will not deter us in our commitment to fighting for New York City’s tenants, and making sure that New Yorkers of all incomes can find an affordable place to live in our city.”


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