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Inside The New Effort To Protect Grocery Workers

January 28, 2015
By Joe Maniscalco 

Workers often lose when supermarkets change hands.

New York, NY - A new bill before the City Council which aims to shield grocery store workers from being unceremoniously canned, might be too broad and require some beefing up in order to protect the great many employees now working throughout the five boroughs. 

McDonald's Workers Cite On-the-Job Sex Abuse And More

January 23, 2014
By Joe Maniscalco

More trouble on the menu for McDonald's.

New York, NY - A new lawsuit filed this week alleging McDonald’s managers in Virginia repeatedly harrassed African-American and Hispanic workers, is another blow to the fast food giant’s well-cultivated image, and could ultimately knockout its long-held claim that the conglomerate should be seen as separate from its franchisees. 

Hunts Point Workers Ratify Contract

January 22, 2014
Neal Tepel

Bronx, NY – Workers at Hunts Point Market voted on January 21st to approve a three year contract with 97% of workers voting "yes."  The 1,300 members of Teamsters Local 202, will receive significant wage increases in each year of the contract.

Working Folk With City IDs Can Bank Amalgamated

January 21, 2015
By Marc Bussanich

New York, NY—As soon as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new municipal identification cards for mostly undocumented immigrants, Amalgamated Bank was one of three banks to accept the new ID cards as proof of legitimate documentation so that immigrant workers could more easily bank.

Worker Profile: Meet UFCW Local 1500’s 'Battling' Barbara Balos

January 20, 2014
By Joe Maniscalco 

Barbara Balos.

Mineola, NY - In her 25 years with UFCW Local 1500, Barbara Balos, 48, has helped run several major chain supermarkets throughout the city. For the last several years, the Long Island mom has been the non-foods manager at a bustling Bronx Pathmark, overseeing ordering, deliveries and more. Balos has a knack for getting things done - and that steady determination has not only helped her employers succeed, it’s also helped win better conditions for co-workers; raise a ton of money for numerous charitable organizations, and even change the way New York State protects its children. 

McDonald's Worker Slams Fast Food 'Hypocricy'

January 19, 2015
By Joe Maniscalco

McDonald's is under increasing pressure to address poverty wages.

Los Angeles, CA- The latest McDonald’s commercial recently rolled out during the NFL playoffs and Golden Globes Awards has already been lambasted for what many see as a particularly cynical effort to exploit American tragedies like September 11th and the Boston bombing. However, according to many low-paid McDonald’s workers, the “Signs” spot also showcases the multinational fast food chain’s obvious hypocrisy regarding livable wages and workers’ rights.

Bad Karma, Sarma: Lucky Duck Owner Stiffs Workers

By Joe Maniscalco 
January 15, 2015

These workers are set to sue their employer in court.

New York, NY - A tony restaurant owner who hasn’t paid her staff since December is about to experience some instant Karma - workers at Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck say they will join together in a class action lawsuit against Sarma Melngailis if their outstanding wages are not paid in full this Friday. 

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