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NJ AFL-CIO Pushing for Earned Sick Leave

December 17, 2014
By Neal Tepel

Trenton, NJ -- The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is continuing to spearhead the drive for statewide earned sick leave legislation. On Monday December 15th, bill A-2354 was released by the New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee.

NYS Workers' Compensation Needs Reform

December 1, 2014
By Stephanie West

New York, NY - The New York Workers' Compensation Alliance (WCA) recently released a White Paper that made a series of recommendations to reform the New York State Workers' Compensation system. Workers' Compensation Alliance Chair and white paper author Robert Grey stated, "The purpose of this paper is to call for wholesale changes in the workers' compensation system that will help it return to its core mission of protecting injured workers. 

Select a Health Insurance Plan Now

November 25, 2014
By Stephanie West

New York, NY - A three-month open enrollment period began on Nov. 15 for health plan coverage in the 2015 New York State of Health marketplace. Online at, the internet marketplace is designed to help people shop for and enroll in health insurance coverage. Navigating the 'exchange' could be tricky but the process has become more consumer friendly this past year.

Firefighters Fume As City Council Dithers With Plastic Bags

November 19, 2014
By Marc Bussanich

New York, NY—The firefighters union blasted the City Council on Wednesday for holding public hearings about whether to raise taxes on plastic grocery bags while ignoring a hearing on increasing disability payments for new firefighters who get hurt on the job.

Armed With the Right Information, Diabetes Can Be Prevented or Managed Effectively

November 17, 2014
Tom Canty, Vice President and General Manager, Empire BlueCross BlueShield Government, Labor and Special Accounts

November is American Diabetes Month, so as we gear up for those mouth-watering Thanksgiving, Chanukah or Christmas feasts – it’s a good time to think about this ever-growing disease and to come together as a community to Stop Diabetes®! Here are some things that you should know:

Greater Ebola Threat To Workers?

November 13, 2014
By Joe Maniscalco

Concerned union members have serious questions about Ebola.

New York, NY - Anxious workers already concerned they don’t have the necessary gear to protect themselves from Ebola, have even more reason to be worried this week. That’s because the virus that has killed almost 5,000 people in West Africa, may be easier to catch than many previously thought. 

Obamacare “Cadillac Tax”: Devastating to Union Workers

November 7, 2014
By Neal Tepel

Washington DC - It’s expected that the costs of health insurance for unionized workers will increase drastically due to the Affordable Care Act’s tax on so-called “Cadillac plans.”

ALIGN Confronts ‘Twin Crises’ Facing Working Folk

November 5, 2014
By Marc Bussanich

New York, NY—Four years ago the Alliance for a Greater New York was formed when New York Jobs and Justice and Urban Agenda combined their resources to continue the work for economic and social justice. The alliance’s executive director, Matt Ryan, says the organization today is focused squarely on the twin crises of income inequality and climate change.

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