Health and Safety

Disabled Children’s Caretakers Demand Better Health Care

May 20, 2016
By Steven Wishnia

New York, NY - “If we give good care of our kids, we deserve good care too,” certified nursing assistant Françoise Charles says as she takes a break from picketing outside St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Queens.

OSHA Fines Elevator Company in Worker’s Death

May 10, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Onondaga, NY - The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined the Otis Elevator Company $35,000 for violations that contributed to the death of a repairman last May.

OSHA Faced with Diminishing Resources

May 8, 2016 
By Rebecca L. Reindel and M.K. Fletcher

Washington, DC - In 2016, we are reflecting on where we have come and where we are going. It is the 45th anniversary of the opening of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; the 25th year AFL-CIO has produced the Death on the Job report; and an election year. OSHA actually opened its doors 45 years ago on April 28, the date we now honor as Workers Memorial Day every year.

Nurses to Albany: Take Safe Staffing Bill To The Floor!

May 7, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

NYSNA Treasurer Pat Kane, RN.

Brooklyn, NY - The head of the New York State Assembly’s Committee on Health said on Friday that a bill mandating safe staffing levels at New York hospitals and nursing facilities will “overwhelmingly” pass if it gets to the floor for a vote this legislative session. 

Dangerous Conditions for Workers at Sofitel Hotel

May 4, 2016
By John Quinn, LaborPress USA 

Los Angeles, CA - Due to the number of hotel guests whose stays are related to medical treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center across the street, housekeeping employees at the Sofitel Los Angeles fear they have higher-than-typical risks of occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

Zika Could Ruin Your Life

May 1, 2016
By Sarah Jessup, LaborPress Kids Correspondent 

Queens, NY - Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito? It may not hurt, you may never even know you have been bitten by the mosquito, but that one bite could ruin your whole life.

Seven Common Health Screenings for Older Adults

April 27, 2016
By Tom Canty, Vice President and General Manager, Empire BlueCross BlueShield Government, Labor and Special Account

Shortly after infants are born they receive their first health screening. This is the first of a lifetime of screenings, continuing well into adulthood.  What many people don’t realize is that there is a schedule for the types of screenings they should get and when they should get them and that it’s important to stick to that schedule to maintain optimal health, particularly as we age.

Help For Victims of 9/11 Exposure On 'Blue Collar Buzz'

April 21, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Check in on 'Blue Collar Buzz' this week.

New York, NY - Over the course of the next decade, 35,000 people are expected to develop some type of cancer related to toxins spewed from Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. This week, on LaborPress’ “Blue Collar Buzz” airing Sunday evening at 9 p.m. on AM970 The Answer, we’re talking with the team of attorneys helping 9/11 victims secure vital support through two U.S. government programs. We’re also talking workplace dangers with labor writer Jane Latour and Workers Independent News Executive Director Frank Emspak. 

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