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CNN Appeals NLRB Ruling for Back Pay for CWA Techs

September 30, 2014
By Marc Bussanich

New York, NY—After replacing a unionized subcontractor with an in-house nonunion workforce almost 11 years ago, the National Labor Relations Board ruled recently that CNN must reinstate technicians and broadcast engineers with the Communications Workers of America. But CNN wants to appeal the decision in a federal district court.

NYC Metropolitan Opera Settles Contracts with Unions

August 26, 2014
By Neal Tepel

New York, NY - The Metropolitan Opera has now settled contracts with all unions involved in their negotiations. Labor organizations with new agreements include seven unions represented by IATSE: Local 1 stagehands,  Local 751 box office treasurers, Local 764 costume and wardrobe specialists, Local 794 camera operators, Local 798 hair, and make-up professionals, Local 829 scenic artists and designers, and Local 829 bill posters.

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