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Increased Security at NY-NJ Bi-State Facilities

October 1, 2014
By Amanda LoMonaco

New York, NY – Amid new global responses to the threat of international terrorism, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Chris Christie have adopted protocols under which New York and New Jersey will immediately begin coordinating intelligence-gathering and information-sharing to protect bi-state transit infrastructures against acts of terrorism. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Governors following a top-level security meeting in New York with national, state and local law enforcement heads to begin mapping out an improved, coordinated anti-terrorism plan.

“The New York City area has always been a top target for terrorists wishing to spread hatred and fear, and we would be in a state of denial to say that what is going on internationally has not raised that danger,” Governor Cuomo said. “That is why New York and New Jersey are increasing our level of partnership and cooperation – because public safety is paramount and joining together is the best way to defend against any possible dangers. Our residents should rest assured that we are doing everything necessary to keep the region safe.”

The bi-state agreement to substantially increase security at transportation hubs and critical infrastructure in the metropolitan area is effective immediately. Over the next 100 days, a surge in law enforcement and military personnel will join forces within the metropolitan area to engage in counterterrorism operations by increasing visibility, inspections and surveillance on and at trains and train stations, airports, landmarks, and bridges and tunnels. Additionally, New York and New Jersey will participate in joint emergency exercises in the coming months.

The MOU signed by the Governors addresses three primary areas of coordination: Enhanced intelligence gathering and information sharing; critical transit infrastructure protection; and reciprocal law enforcement powers between New Jersey and New York.

“Global events bring the threat into acutely sharp focus,” said Governor Christie. “We know that our people and assets remain a target in the minds of depraved individuals around the globe, even in the homeland, and we are gravely committed to protecting and defending ourselves against the threat.”

September 30, 2014

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