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In What’s Being Described As A ‘Union Victory,’ A NYS State Supreme Court Justice Rules Against Buffalo School Board

July 3, 2016
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell  

Buffalo, NY – In what’s being described as a Union victory for the Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF), New York State Supreme Court Justice Tracey Bannister issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Wednesday (June 29th) that “enjoins and restrains” the Buffalo School District from“terminating the cosmetic surgery provision of the parties’ Collective Bargaining Agreement, pending disposition of the grievance and arbitration.”

This puts the School Board’s decision to unilaterally remove a section of the BTF-District Collective Bargaining Agreement on hold until a final decision on a BTF grievance is made by an arbitrator or the Board rescinds its action, BTF Representatives said.

Working without a contract for more than 11 years now, the BTF Executive Committee and Council of Delegates, which includes Union Representatives from each and every one of Buffalo’s Public Schools, announced in late January that it had unanimously rejected the Buffalo Board of Education's latest contract proposal.

The BTF criticized the Buffalo School Board after it provided a public update on contract negotiations, saying the Board Has “shown ‘how little they value’ Teachers” by asking them to work more hours, agree to a 20% increase in workload and pay more for health care.  To read more click on the following link

July 2, 2016

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