In Buffalo, CWA-Represented Workers ‘Connect’ With The Buying Public…

April 22, 2017 
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell    
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Buffalo, NY –  Now more than a month after their current contract expired, Communications Workers of America (CWA)-represented AT&T Mobility Workers are going public, asking consumers to tell the company to bargain fairly with their Employees.

During an informational picket that was held late today (Wednesday, April 19) outside an AT&T Mobility retail store on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, additional support came from not only the Western New York Area Labor Federation (WNYALF), but a number of other Local Unions.

At the event, CWA Local 1122 Executive Vice President John Mudie – who also serves as President of the Buffalo AFL-CIO Central Labor Council – told those assembled that AT&T Mobility wants its Unionized Employees to agree to lower wages and pay more for their health care coverage, and – agree to provide the company with the right to offshore jobs.

“We’re here to ‘hold the line, because enough is enough,’” Mudie told hours before the informational picket.  “(AT&T Mobility) ‘still wants to send our jobs out of the country’ and ‘they want us to pay much, much more for our health care – thirty-percent more.’”

“We are now asking AT&T Mobility’s customers to get involved and tell managers when they visit their retail stores to tell AT&T Mobility to ‘bargain fairly’ with their Workers,” Mudie said.

April 21, 2017

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