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ILA Supporting Clinton for President

April 1, 2016
By ILA President Harold Daggett 

North Bergen, NJ – Secretary Clinton will certainly be the Democratic nominee for president. We applaud many of the pro-labor positions her Democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken, but he just does not have the support across the nation to overtake Mrs. Clinton and win the nomination.

The current Republican leading candidate – Donald Trump – has stated clearly that he favors the frightful prospect that all 50 States in America pass ‘Right To Work’ legislation. Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich’s anti-union positions are well documented.  Trump, Cruz or Kasich would be a disaster for the ILA and the middle class in our country.  Hillary Clinton is America’s Best Labor Candidate.

Big business and the ultra-right wing of Congress have tried to take away all our negotiation weapons by placing longshore workers under the Railway Labor Act. Other legislation tried to establish dangerous and unreachable productivity standards at our ports that was aimed at destroying the two longshore unions.

I have spoken to Secretary Hillary Clinton shortly after her appearance at ILA Local 1422 last October  and she again pledged her full support to the ILA and its members. The ILA will have a friend in the White House in Hillary Clinton.

I hope all ILA members across America will continue to support this great labor candidate.

March 31, 2016

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