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Identity Theft Protection: An Indispensable Member Benefit

March 21, 2016
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New York, NY – Last year, identity fraud claimed 13.1 million individual victims in the United States. With an identity being stolen every 2 seconds personal information is at risk. Without protection, identity theft can consume a member’s entire their life and significantly reduce their productivity. 

Victims of identity theft are often absent five times more than average; use medical benefits four times more than average; and use sick leave twice as often as the average member.

Unions, can play an important role in defending members against identity theft, however, by being proactive and introducing strong identity protection. Identity protection offers robust capabilities, provides concrete low-cost benefits, and enhances members’ overall security.

A single case of identity theft is estimated to take up to 158 work hours to remediate, and varies widely in total time — sometimes between 12 and 23 months. Victims of identity theft often report stress and other negative emotions, as well. This can affect a variety of health issues, and in turn, negatively affect work and quality of life.

Union Benefit Planners [UBP], offers comprehensive solutions, which also include actively helping victims of fraud resolve issues.

UBP identity theft protection service includes the following: identity and credit monitoring; insurance policy; identity restoration services; digital wallet storage and lost wallet replacement services; digital snapshots of information; social media monitoring; and password management.

Identity protection also increases the overall attractiveness of member benefits packages, improving an organization’s ability to recruit and retain membership.

Bottom line: Unions can further advocate for members by adding a comprehensive identity protection plan to their benefits package. For further information, contact Union Benefit Planners at 866-386-6060.

March 21, 2016

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