Hunts Point Workers Ratify Contract

January 22, 2014
Neal Tepel

Bronx, NY – Workers at Hunts Point Market voted on January 21st to approve a three year contract with 97% of workers voting "yes."  The 1,300 members of Teamsters Local 202, will receive significant wage increases in each year of the contract.

"It's our best wage and benefits package in two decades," said Daniel Kane, Jr., President of Teamsters Local 202.  

Following the ratification vote, Teamsters members and leaders said the ball is now in the City's court. The facilities have long needed renovation and the urgency has only increased following Hurricane Sandy. The market is located on an East River peninsula. Hunts Point Market is the largest produce market in the world, serving most of the restaurants and grocers in the New York area.

"This is only the first step in ensuring that Hunts Point Market remains a home for good jobs in the long term," said Kane. "Now it's time for our City government to step up and ensure that this public property has the necessary infrastructure to meet 21st century needs and withstand the next hurricane."

January 21, 2015

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