November 7, 2016  
By Leonard Golubchck, LaborPress Entertainment Editor

New York, NY –  Extra Extra read all about it, the “Front Page” is a star studded hit.  This is a classic comedy by Ben Hecht and Charles McArthur originally produced by George S. Kaufman and which originally opened in 1928.

This is a Scott Rudin production. The cast includes Nathan Lane, John Slattery, John Goodman, Jefferson Mays, Sherrie Rene Scott, Holland Taylor and Robert Morse.

Jack O’Brien adeptly directed this play by ensuring that all the cogs were in place so that the three acts and three hours proceeds with nonstop action beginning with the second act when Nathan Lane enters. Mr. Lane’s exquisite comic timing is the engine of the show.” all the outstanding actors complement each other and gives you a sense of what life was like  as a newspaper reporter 70 years prior to the daily use of computers and the only way to get the news out was through the rat tat tat of the typewriter.  Remember that outmoded means of communication. Ann Roth’s costumes and Douglas Schmidt’s set transports us the world of the 1920s.

The story takes place in a grimy pressroom of the Chicago Criminal Court building. The excitement in the press room is the result of an escaped prisoner who murdered a police officer.  The press notes states, “    “When star reporter Hildy Johnson (Slattery) accidentally discovers the runaway convict, he and his editor Walter Burns (Lane) conspire to hide the man from the other reporters, while they chase the biggest scoop of their careers”.  This is when the show’s action picks up and holds the audience’s attention.  The star-studded ensemble cast of some two dozen provides enough panache which is engrossing and satisfying.

November 6, 2016

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