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Healthplex – Making Your Account Matter Most

May 24, 2018

By Lyndsay Desmarais

There is no greater feeling than knowing your Union is being well taken care of, and at Healthplex your members are in good hands with their topnotch Account Services team. For Healthplex, it isn’t just about selling a dental benefits plan, but it’s about providing the service you’d want and expect.

With full transparency, Account Services ensures members truly understand their plan and coverage. Preventing confusion prior to their first dental appointment is a priority. They take the time to make sure a Union is comfortable with their new plan, and it doesn’t stop there. The Account Services team works to exceed the expectations of its Unions and showcases their dedication by:

Attending Trustee Meetings

They take the time to attend Trustee meetings to explain benefits and costs directly to those who need to understand them the most. The personal approach doesn’t just end when the sale is complete. 

Guiding Welfare Funds

For Healthplex, it’s about providing guidance and recommendations on the best and most cost effective plans, and developing plan enhancement options based upon the utilization of the dental plan.

Collaborating With Your Union

Whether it’s a flyer that elaborates on coverage or a brochure that outlines plan benefits, Healthplex can and will customize pieces to make sure your Union has the resources they need.

Educating You and Your Members

Every member of the Account Services team has extensive knowledge of the industry, plans, and the rules that govern such dental plans, making them the best team to have on your side.

Healthplex’s Account Services team truly stands out as they go above and beyond and are always readily available. Throughout the implementation process, Account Services takes the necessary precautions to assure a smooth onboarding process. Available even after hours, the team is continuously reviewing your plan, making sure you are taking full advantage of your benefits.

Healthplex and the Account Services team treat its clients like family. Whether you are a union plan, small business, or an individual family, every account receives the personalized attention it deserves.

Call us at 1-800-468-0466 or visit healthplex.com to find out how you can start saving now.

May 24, 2018

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