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Harvard Strikers: University Trying To Crush American Working People

October 27, 2016  
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News
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Hartford, CT – For Aaron Duckett and the 750 striking Harvard Dining Hall workers their struggle is not only for better wages but a battle against forces trying to crush America’s working class.

[Aaron Duckett]: “There’s two communities here at Harvard University. There’s the community that we the dining hall workers are part of. And that community is the people that you see on campus all day, every day and we’re a great community. And I think the people are very supportive in that community of one another.

And then there’s the second community and that’s administrative community – the people you don’t see. The people that are on the board. And those people on the board are running things financially in the state of Massachusetts and in other states.

And what they’re doing right now is trying to crush working class people in the United States. And they’re starting right here in Massachusetts.”

The Harvard strikers want $35,000 a year an end to more healthcare costs being pushed onto them and no concessions on retiree health care. A big march and rally over the weekend proves what Aaron Duckett is seeing – there’s very strong support for the Harvard strikers.

[Aaron Duckett]: “Right here on campus SEIU 32 BJ is a huge supporter. They come out to our lines daily. Also the clerical union and technical workers. They’re comin’ out to our lines every day. All the trades workers here on campus are supporting us.

The recycle bins have not been picked up at any kitchens. They will not cross picket lines. It’s been phenomenal. The mail’s not getting delivered into dining halls. Those gentlemen will not cross picket lines.

The support of students is just amazing. The students have just taken on this cause. They’re out there with us. They know us, they love us, we love them.”

October 26, 2016

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