Google Silicon Valley Drivers Join Teamsters

March 12, 2016
By John Quinn, LaborPress USA 

San Leandro, –  Drivers for WeDriveU, a transportation company that shuttles employees for Facebook, Google and other tech companies, have joined Teamsters Local 853.

We DriveU recognized Local 853 as the drivers’ union after an independent third-party arbitrator verified the union’s majority standing. The company also recognized Teamsters Local 117 in Seattle as the representative for Facebook and Google drivers at the same time.

“We appreciate that WeDriveU has respected the rights of these drivers to be represented by a union of their choice. This is a good thing for the company, the drivers and Google, who will get well compensated drivers who will be experienced and safe in transporting Google’s valuable employees,” said Rome Aloise, International Vice President and Principal Officer of Local 853 in San Leandro, Calif.

In December 2015, Facebook drivers with WeDriveU, who are members of Local 853, negotiated a strong first agreement securing wage increases, healthcare benefits, retirement and numerous other gains and protections.

“We expect to continue to level the playing field for all these drivers so that they all have good wages, benefits for themselves and their families, and something to put away for the future. This is another step toward bringing the entire industry up to these standards,” Aloise said.

March 11, 2016

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