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Gig Delivery Workers are Essential to Our Economy

June 23, 2020

By Neal Tepel

New York, NY – Gig delivery workers have been officially “essential” since the COVID crisis began, but the multi-billion-dollar companies aren’t providing them the essential protections they need to stay safe and healthy. 

Food delivery companies pay as little as little as $2 a delivery far less than  minimum wage. In fact, pay is so low that many delivery workers struggle to cover basic expenses. These are now essential workers in a growth industry and should be provided hazard pay and decent wages.

 While delivery apps have boomed during the crisis as customers choose to stay home and stay healthy, the people doing the work have not seen any additional pay for the added risks. Some companies have taken advantage of the economic crisis by driving pay down even lower. Workers, not the companies, are purchasing masks, gloves, and sanitizer. These essential employees should be provided essential protections.

Legislation is now needed to ensure gig workers in transportation and delivery services receive a permanent pay standard across the industry. This should include  at least minimum wage plus expenses, with tips on top, and pay transparency.

 Major delivery platforms are multi-billion-dollar businesses and need to be unionized so employees are not victimized.

June 23, 2020

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