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General Vision Services Watches Over Unions

May 3, 2017 

Tony Rosario

By Silver Krieger

New York, NY – With the unpredictable nature of today’s healthcare market, it is encouraging to see companies like General Vision Services (GVS) working hard to provide exceptional vision benefits to union workers.

As a leading full-service vision care benefits administrator as well as a Preferred Provider Organization, GVS is a pioneer in the NY marketplace. It has served the labor market since the early 1960’s, and continues to help unions obtain affordable eye exams and glasses today.

With the negative effects that come with increasing digital device usage, harmful UV rays, and other risk factors, annual eye exams have become essential these days. GVS Senior Vice President Tony Rosario explained, “Eye exams can not only correct vision defects, they can also help detect numerous systemic diseases and conditions throughout the body, such as diabetes and tumors. Just having a routine eye exam can prevent illness and ultimately save lives.”

General Vision Services is dedicated to helping its clients receive the best care and service possible, along with significant savings on benefit costs. Coverage includes comprehensive eye exams, frames, lenses, contact lenses, and special lens coatings such as ultraviolet and scratch protection. Seasonal promotions throughout the year are also available for additional savings from the above programs.

GVS offers other attractive benefits on top of their competitive discounts as well, such as door-to-door services and personalized customer care options. One of the most innovative of these is the GVS Mobile Eyecare Center, the company’s specialized traveling facilities with licensed optometrists and wide selection of frames onboard. “We bring the service to our members,” said Rosario. “It’s like an optical store on wheels and provides ease of scheduling for our clients. We’re proud to be the only vision provider offering this service in the tri-state area. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.”

The company is also the first vision carrier in the nation to offer the option of booking member appointments online through their website, making them the only benefits administrator to provide such unique client solutions. GVS maintains the quality of their support by encouraging members to fill out online customer satisfaction surveys that provide feedback about their providers and retail locations. The surveys are reviewed and then used to make continued improvements.

To further personalize their member support, GVS created dedicated account phone numbers, which allow customer service representatives to identify and greet clients by their specific unions. Representatives can then find the nearest provider locations and make appointments on behalf of individual members.

The most recent additions to GVS’ membership benefits are hearing plans offered through General Hearing Services (GHS), a division of GVS. Under these programs, members gain access to significantly discounted hearing devices nationwide. With nearly 40 million Americans having reported hearing loss, the GHS plans are a great solution to the growing demand for affordable and comprehensive hearing coverage.

GVS continues to expand. It now offers coverage and services throughout the US, providing benefit options to union retirees, whose needs evolve as they relocate after retirement. The need for carriers who extend comprehensive benefits beyond employment will always increase along with the ages of customers, and GVS is determined to meet the demand. Rosario said, “Under our national program, we can provide access to over 46,000 eye care professionals throughout the U.S.”

As union members’ needs change, companies like GVS offer a much-needed solution to caring for their customers and families. It’s evident that GVS is leading the mission to fulfill the needs of active and retired union members. GVS

May 2, 2017

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