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From Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation Richard Lipsitz…

November 8, 2016  
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell

Buffalo, NY – The Time To Decide Is Here – Just Vote!, was authored by Richard Lipsitz (Pictured Above) – who serves as President of the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation (WNYALF).

The Regional AFL-CIO Labor Organization oversees five individual Labor Councils in Buffalo, Niagara-Orleans, Dunkirk, Jamestown and Cattaraugus-Allegany that combine to represent just under 150,000 Unionized Workers across Western New York.

The time to decide is here.

We have a clear and present danger facing us in the campaign of Donald Trump.

While it may be comforting to insist that this is simply a choice of the “lesser of two evils,” such an attitude undermines the effort to defeat Trump.

This is no choice that allows any room for a half-hearted effort, and our Labor Organization has been making a major push these past few weeks to get the maximum number of people to the polls on Tuesday – November 8th.

The office of the Presidency carries with it tremendous power to effect social, economic and cultural policies.

The President appoints and the Senate considers not only Supreme Court vacancies, but all Federal Court openings. To read more click on the following link

November 7, 2016

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