Fresh Dialogue Sparks 36th Annual National Labor & Management Conference

Joe Maniscalco
February 19, 2013

Over 400 senior labor union officers joined top-level management officials and other labor professionals, as well as experts from the legal, health and financial professions, for the 36th Annual Labor & Management Conference held in Hollywood, Florida, February 14 to19. And they had plenty to talk about. (READ More)

“I think what impressed me the most was the exchange between the speakers and our audiences,” National Labor & Management Conference organizer Barbara McCabe said. “The meeting is a forum for free exchange. It’s an interactive environment, and people are coming with their questions and putting themselves out there.”

The perennially popular event gave attendees the opportunity to speak directly to labor leaders like James P. Hoffa, general president, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Sean McGarvey, president Building Trades Construction Department, AFL-CIO and others.

LaborPress columnist Sal Armao, Managing Partner of Armao Costa & Ricciardi, CPAs, P.C., said that he especially enjoyed talking about Washington gridlock, tax reform and healthcare with former U.S. House of Representatives Scott Klug and Larry LaRocco.

“I thought the conference was very informative and the topics were of current interest to those who attended,” Armao said. “The most valuable insight [for me] was from former politicians who talked about what is happening in Washington, and how that will affect all of us going forward.”

Stakeholders from both the labor and management communities have been gathering like this since 1978, in an effort to collectively assess their operations and strategic directions with help from some of the leading experts in the country.
“The National Labor Management Conference allows you to pause and think about the issues you may have thought were unique to your union or fund," CWA Local 1180 President Arthur Cheliotes said. "It allows you to rise up over the trees, see the forest, survey the landscape and find the trails that others have already blazed to get to your goal of representing your members and providing benefits and pensions. It is a valuable learning experience I strongly recommend.”

As in the past, this year’s National Labor & Management Conference continued to afford attendees with a rare opportunity to gain stronger footholds amidst rapidly changing tides.

"Each has been very informative, filled with much relevant and up to date information that has proven invaluable to me as a labor union trustee," said John Dunne, of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, IAFF Local 854. "The speakers and their presentations are always replete with good ideas and suggestions geared towards identifying problems and offering solutions. And there are many opportunities to meet, network and exchange information with many other trustees from around the country. The overall message I take away from each conference is that unions have to work together to achieve their common goals.”

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the 36th Annual Labor Management Conference also featured special sessions focusing on the future of retirement, the jobs market and the skills needed to achieve, as well as some hard facts about fiduciary responsibility.

"The annual National Labor Management Conference is one of the most important and informative meeting that I attend annually as both a Union Officer and Fund Trustee,"  said Paul LaBuda, president – BCTGM Union Local No. 19, Cleveland, Ohio Fund Trustee – CBT Health & Welfare and Pension Funds. "The information presented is always on point with industry trends and changes that are vital as we work to maintain and negotiate meaningful benefits for our respective members."

For more information about the conference log onto or  call 888-459-3111.


February 19, 2013

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