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Franklin Rx Pharmacy: ‘You Can Count on Us’

August 24, 2019

By Silver Krieger

New York, NY — “When you see our logo, you can count on us,” a proud Franklin Rx Pharmacy co-founder and CEO Jonathan Mordechaev tells LaborPress. The locally-owned, private pharmacy located in Hempstead, Long Island caters to many unions throughout the five boroughs, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Mordechaev, himself, is a Queens native who graduated magna cum laude from Touro College where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 2016. Mordechaev’s persistence, perseverance and ability to function in the high stress environment earned him the position as the Chief Operational Officer at Franklin Rx Pharmacy. Their team of pharmacists averages over 20 years of experience. As their logo says, they are “Your Partner in Healthy Living.”

Mordechaev and his team at Franklin Rx Pharmacy believe strongly in patient education. They work with each patient individually to address their concerns, answer their questions and understand their expectations to develop the most appropriate course of care and patient compliance. Unlike a traditional pharmacy, Franklin Rx Pharmacy advocates for their patients as well as injured individuals involved in work and auto accidents. Says Mordechaev, “No need for extra stress with prior authorizations, we’ll do all the legwork for those injured on the job or a motor vehicle accident. Our team of highly trained individuals specialize in the complex needs of injured workers.”

Mordechaev has made it his mission and vision to ensure that patients are able to restore their quality of life. Franklin Rx Pharmacy will handle all your individual pharmaceutical and surgical supply needs with knowledge, safety and care, he adds. Due to their extensive experience in the industry they work closely with many health care facilities including, but not limited to, long-term care, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living and retirement homes, group homes, home care agencies, clinics, outreach programs, and more.

Franklin Rx Pharmacy builds a close, personal relationship with their patients and provides education with high-quality customer service. They specialize in prescription and compounded medications, offer delivery services to homes and offices, and are affiliated with all insurances. Working with unions, Franklin Rx Pharmacy can be the primary source for workers’ pharmaceutical needs and to advocate for their rights with prescription medications.

“With Franklin Rx Pharmacy, you get the kind of personalized care and services you can’t get anywhere else,” the company CEO adds. “We have the best knowledge and expertise in the community. That along with our highly trained staff, excellent customer service, and personal care, is what makes us the best choice in the area for pharmaceutical care. Above all else, our mission is to improve the lives of those we serve by making innovative and high-quality health and pharmacy services safe, affordable and easy to access.” 

August 24, 2019

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