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FL State Workers Getting First Real Raise in 11 Years – Thanks to AFSCME

June 3, 2017

By Tara Jessup

June 2, 2017 
By Mark McCullough

Tallahassee, FL – State workers in Florida will get their first real pay raise in 11 years thanks to AFSCME Florida’s hard work during the recently-concluded 2017 legislative session.

That was one of many noteworthy victories the union secured for the members it serves and for the people of Florida.

AFSCME Florida had to navigate many contrasts and complications during the session. There were contrasts between the priorities of the Florida House and the Senate. Contrasts between the will of the legislature and the wishes of Gov. Rick Scott. Contrasts between the legislative process as envisioned by the leadership and as it played out in reality.

Those efforts helped ensure that the legislature set aside $183 million for state-worker raises. Since this is not a one-time bonus and won’t be offset by takeaways or some other gimmick, the 3 percent-4 percent raise is a huge step forward for thousands of state workers.

June 3, 2017

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