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First Transit Drivers In Allegany County ‘Go Union’ With Teamsters Local 264

April 18, 2016
By Labor News Services & WNYLT Staff

Cuba, New York – First Transit Drivers in the Allegany County Town of Cuba in Western New York have decided to Go Union With Teamsters Local 264, voting 30-to-5 for Union Representation, Local 264 Business Agent Tony Vaccaro tells

And with the company recently winning additional work through a new contract, Vaccaro says that number more than likely will increase by another 10 people in the not too distant future.

The reason why the Drivers wanted a Union in their workplace was the fact the company was offering better pay and more vacation to new hires it recruited, leaving the older and establishment Workers out in the cold, he said.

“They were ‘fearful’ about being ‘slotted under’ new hires that the company was recruiting and it was ‘overwhelming’ in what they said – ‘to a person’ – as to why they wanted (Union representation in their workplace),” Vaccaro said.

Teamsters Local 264’s plans to conduct an Organizing Drive at First Transit in Allegany County originally came out of a meeting Vaccaro attended in Chicago back in 2014 where his Union discussed the beginnings of organizing First Transit Drivers across the country.

Vaccaro reached out to a Teamsters-represented United Parcel Service (UPS) Driver in Allegany County who knew some of the First Transit Drivers and meetings soon began, “one on ones,” with the Workers. 

April 17, 2016

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