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Fight For $15 Workers Protest Poverty Wages Worldwide

April 16, 2016
By Doug Cunningham 
Workers Independent News

Washington, DC – The Fight For $15 movement took it to the streets in 300 cities Thursday in the largest ever day of strikes and protests demanding a higher wage and a union. Fast food worker Angel Mitchell says realities faced by workers are fueling this movement.

[Angel Mitchell]: "We're still making poverty wages. We go to work every single day, and we deserve to be able to pay our lights, our gas. Our children deserve to have food on the table. So we're in three hundred U.S. cities, forty different countries on six different continents around the world. All of us are striking because it's important."

Solo Littlejohn says the union is just as vital as the fifteen dollars an hour.

[Solo Littlejohn]: "Doin' a lot of these rallies and learnin' what a union is and finding out the importance of havin' a union my reason for bein' here today." To hear the audio click the following link

April 15, 2016

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