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Fight for 15 with Walmart Continues

November 30, 2015
By Lisa Pietro, OUR Walmart member

Winter Haven, FL – Thanks to the amazing work of Walmart associates dedicated to fighting for $15 and full time and with the help of supporters, demonstrations on Black Friday this year, was historic.

Two weeks ago we launched the #Fastfor15, fifteen days of action led by Walmart employees.We told the stories about the reality of working at Walmart being hungry, and we fasted in front of the homes of the Waltons, Board of Directors and Walmart stores to make our hunger visible.An Walmart responded. Running more television commercials, Twitter ads on our hash-tag feed and a public relations campaign to try and minimize our impact. But it didn’t work.

In fact, earlier this week Bloomberg Business ran an article showing how afraid Walmart really is of our impact. They're so afraid of us that they hired a military contractor to spy us, Walmart associates organizing. After all, through our action we’ve won raises to over 500,000 workers, and new scheduling and pregnancy policies. The reality is that workers taking direct action and communities standing behind them are what’s moving Walmart.

November 29, 2015

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