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Fight for $15 Gains Support

September 21, 2015
 Neal Tepel

New York, NY – With 62% of New Yorkers backing $15/hour, Governor Cuomo pledges ‘full campaign to pass $15’. Sixty-two percent of New York voters want a $15 minimum wage statewide, according to a poll released September 18th by Quinnipiac University. The poll comes as Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged to kick off “a full campaign to pass $15,” said Cuomo. 

"I'm saying that we need to raise the minimum wage because we have low-wage workers who can't make it in this city on $18,000-a-year. It's math. It's third-grade math."

McDonald’s workers aren’t the only ones feeling squeezed by the Golden Arches. Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s franchisees are now speaking out against the abusive practices they face from the company, detailing how Al Jarvis, a McDonald’s franchise owner of nearly 50 years, was forced to sell his store after years of menu changes and new demands from the company ultimately hurt his business.

Jarvis told Bloomberg that he hit a point where his dealings with management were so problematic, he “wanted to get the hell out.”In an in-depth video segment, CNNMoney looks at the life of McDonald’s worker and Fight for 15 Philly member Safiyyah Cotton and her struggle to support herself and her child on $7.50 an hour. Safiyyah works 20 hours a week and brings home about $240 every two weeks.

She is forced to penny-pinch on every expense, from shelter to food to health care. CNNMoney  writes, “Prioritizing her rent bill means wiping out most of her first paycheck of the month. During her pregnancy, she ended up in a shelter. She is desperate to keep that from happening again.”Bleu Rainer, a fast-food worker from Tampa, told the Tallahassee Democrat, “We can’t even afford to get a bus ticket to and from work.

So we ask elected officials to stand with the workers and against the CEOs who make millions and treat us like trash and don’t want to pay a livable wage.” Alvin Major, a Brooklyn KFC worker who has been involved in the movement since the very first strike in 2012, told his story in the Huffington Post:  “Because of our movement, cities and states have stopped waiting for Congress and have started raising the minimum wage themselves. And many elected officials and candidates for high office are lining up to support our Fight for $15”.

September 20, 2015

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