Fight for 15 Continues

November 12, 2015
By Jerry Cohen, LaborPress USA

Washington, DC – Fast-food workers are drawing attention nationwide as strikes spread from Brooklyn to Atlanta for fight for 15.Starting early Tuesday, November 10th, all eyes were on fast-food workers as they prepared to walk off the job.

USA Today ranked today’s strike #1 on its list of “5 Things You Need to Know on November 10th. The New York Times listed the Tuesday walkout at a Brooklyn McDonald’s at the top of November10th events in “New York Today.”As underpaid workers rallied one year from Election Day and prepare to take their Fight for $15/hour and union rights to the ballot box, 2016 presidential candidates and prominent elected officials across the country sent their support:
·        Hillary Clinton tweeted under her own name Tuesday morning: “Fast-food, home care, child care workers: Your advocacy is changing our country for the better. #Fightfor15 –H”
·        Bernie Sanders wrote Tuesday, “I stand with the thousands of workers on strike today to demand $15 and a union. #FightFor15”
·        In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio joined workers on the morning strike line, praising the Fight for $15: “What you have done has already changed, this city, changed this state and changed this nation,” he said. “The Fight for $15 has had an extraordinary impact.”
Reuters wrote Tuesday on how fast-food and other underpaid workers are “gaining candidates' support heading into the 2016 election for a minimum wage of $15 an hour and union rights.” With workers planning a massive protest outside the GOP Debate in Milwaukee, Fox Business News, the host to tonight’s debate, reported: “There is one movement that is taking place nationwide and they’ll have a presence here outside of the theatre in the Milwaukee – that is the Fight for $15.”Carlton Alexander, a Taco Bell employee in Tampa, Fla., who went on strike for the first time Tuesday, told ThinkProgress: “Tuesday was my first big action. We have to kind of be like mathematicians. You have to really count for every cent, almost down to the penny, to make it.” A Pittsburgh McDonald’s was shuttered Tuesday morning, with a sign on the door reading, “CLOSED Due to STRIKE.”

November 11, 2015

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