Families Hold Bloomberg Responsible for Day Care Cuts

June 27, 2011
By Kismet Barksdale

NEW YORK – On THURSDAY June 23, more than 50 children and families who receive child care went to the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) office asked if they can hold day care there. The children held balloons that said “Save Day Care” and sang protest songs. They were joined by parents, child care workers and members of DC 1707 AFSCME.

The families had planned to protest outside Gracie Mansion, but the children returned to day care when it started to rain.“Mayor Bloomberg says he saved child care, but classrooms and day care centers are still being closed. Children and their parents deserve better,” said Raglan George Jr., Executive Director of DC 1707. “Why should we stand by while the Mayor takes away classrooms and jobs? These children won’t.

”Mayor Bloomberg and ACS are responsible for cuts to public day care including 97 classrooms in subsidized centers that are being closed, in addition to the 119 classrooms which closed June 10 (or are slated to close June 30). Up to 650 child care workers are going to lose their jobs. Earlier this year, the Bloomberg administration claimed to have restored child care, but centers and classrooms have closed and will be closed without action from the Mayor’s administration.

Public child care provides a safe, professional and affordable choice for working families who would otherwise have no options for child care. Children who receive professional child care are more likely to succeed in school. If they start behind, they will stay behind. Affordable professional child care enables women to work; without it many would not have that option.

June 26, 2011

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