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Fair Wage Amendment on Florida 2020 ballot

July 24, 2019

By Joe Levine

Miami, Florida – The Fair Wage amendment proposed in Florida is aimed at reaching $15 an hour by 2026.

The minimum wage would increase by slightly more than $1 an hour to $10 per hour in 2021, then increase the hourly pay by $1 per hour each year until it gradually reaches $15 per hour in 2026. After 2026, Florida’s minimum wage would increase with the rate of inflation, just as the state’s Constitution currently requires. Florida’s current minimum wage is $8.46 per hour.

“SEIU 32BJ is committed to working with our members to pass the Fair Wage Amendment so we can ensure all Floridians can have the dignity of earning a living wage,” said Helene O’Brien, SEIU 32BJ’s Florida director. “There are over 200,000 Floridians earning minimum wage. They cannot sustain a family on those wages,” added O’Brien.

“I’m homeless and I have a job. How is that possible?” said Monique Ford, a cleaner for Coastal Building Maintenance and mother-to-be. “I’m just one of many Floridians who are struggling to raise a family on the minimum wage. We all deserve fair wages for our hard work.”

In order to appear on the 2020 ballot, Florida for a Fair Wage needs to collect and verify 766,200 petitions from registered Florida voters. According to the Division of Elections, 363,157 petitions have been verified so far. 

July 24, 2019

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