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Earth Day is Every Day

April 25, 2016
By Sarah Jessup

Sarah Jessup

LaborPress Kids Correspondent

New York, NY – Earth day is a special day that should be celebrated around the world. We need to be very appreciative and protective of our planet. We now put much CO2 into the atmosphere and it causes Global Warming. If our atmosphere continues to deteriorate our planet will be threatened with extinction.

Global Warming takes place when CO2, Nitrogen, and other gases mix into our protective bubble. This shield surrounds the earth and is critical for our survival. Once the  UV rays penetrate the earth's shield  they  stay there. When this happens the planet keeps on getting hotter and hotter. If this warming effect continues our world could become a wasteland.  This “Bubble” protects us from the dangers of outer space and without this shield the Earth would be destroyed.

Global warming is also causing the glaciers on Earth to melt and the sea levels to rise. This is changing coastline, floading lowland, and affecting our climate.

So whenever you see a light or TV on in your house and no one is using it, turn it off. Or, if you have a car that automatically turns on, wait until you are about to leave  your house to turn it on. Even if you finish a soda can and the trash is right next to you and the recycling bin is a block away try and recycle it. Earth is your planet too and we all should help it.


April 25, 2016

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