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Donation & Delivery Of 40,000 Bottles Of Water To ‘Those In Need’ In Flint

May 5, 2016 Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell

Rochester, NY – During an amazingly short six-week period, the affiliated Member Unions of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation (RGVALF) came together to raise more than $14,000 and delivered 40,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan – but the impression left upon those Labor Leaders and Representatives who personally made the six-hour-long trip to Michigan will undoubtedly stay with them for a long time.

RGVALF President Dan Maloney, Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) Local 859 President Paul Peters and RGVALF Chief of Staff Amorette Shaw (Pictured below: Shaw on the left, Peters in the middle and Maloney on the right) all shared their thoughts with after returning from the weekend trip to Flint, where residents are dealing with a water crisis no American community has ever had to deal with before.

“What I saw was both a ‘tragedy’ and a ‘shame,’” Maloney told Your On-Line Labor Newspaper in a telephone interview this week.  “But it was satisfying to see the ‘immediate impact’ we were having.  People were ‘overwhelmed’ (with Rochester Labor’s donation).  They were ‘moved to tears.’”  People would just come up to us – ‘total strangers,’ asking: ‘You’re from New York?’  And: ‘You drove all the way here?’  You should have seen the ‘relief’ on their faces. It just shows how Labor ‘really does care’ about our Brothers and Sisters.”

For nearly two years now, the more than 100,000 population of Flint has been dealing with the unfathomable problem of contaminated water, which was caused by some very bad decisions by governmental officials.

The source of the water, the Flint River, is severely poisoned by lead – and not only tastes awful, but smells terrible and is noticeably discolored.  As a result, it cannot be used for human consumption, which has amounted into a health and welfare disaster of epic proportions.  Lead-contaminated water carries an array of health implications for humans, most notably lead poisoning that results in organ damage, high blood pressure, anemia, convolutions and even death.  In children, the negative impact ranges from learning and behavioral disabilities to permanent brain damage and long ranging health issues. To read more click on the following link

May 4, 2016

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