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Donald Trump is a Threat to our Democracy

October 12, 2016 

Larry Cary

By Larry Cary

The gloves came off in the second Presidential debate with Donald Trump publicly threatening to have Hillary Clinton jailed if he becomes president.

It wasn’t bad enough that he urged supporters to rally at polling stations in Pennsylvania to presumably block people from trying to cast their votes in an election that he has repeatedly called “rigged”.

Or that he called on supporters at his campaign rallies to physically attack protesters.  Or that he said he would create a deportation force to go house to house to forcefully remove the millions of undocumented workers now living here.  Or that he would bring back so called “law and order” by imposing an unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policy on the nation where a person can be interrogated and frisked by police for no reason.  Or that he would impose criminal penalties on women who obtain an abortion.  Or that he would impose a religious test for allowing people into America.  Or that he would stifle the media’s first amendment rights by changing the laws to allow easier-to-win-defamation actions against the press.  Or that he would wall off our boarders and claim judges are unfit because they share the ethnic heritage of those he wishes to exclude from the country.  Or that he would not repudiate the former head of the KKK and other racist and fascist movements.  Or that he emulated the Hitler salute at some of his rallies.  Or that he extolled the virtues of Putin, Kim Jung Un, and other dictators around the world.  Now, “The Donald” wants to jail political opponents.

Not since President Richard Nixon has this country faced such a threat.  It is time, regardless of political party or unhappiness with the current state-of-affairs for all good people to come to the aid of their country and defeat Trump.  For he is a coup in the making, who once elected would destroy our constitution and our democracy.  Trump has been abandoned by the Republican Party with 16 Republican U.S. Senators and countless other elected Republicans openly saying they will not vote for him.  Trump’s reaction is to threaten them with political retribution, showing how he would govern if elected:  he will not tolerate dissent of any kind because it is an act of personal betrayal.  Hillary Clinton has great faults.  And if elected, she will likely be a disappointment.  But she is not a threat to our democratic way of life.  The Donald is.
* Larry Cary is a partner at the labor law firm of Cary Kane LLP.  His website is

October 11, 2016

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