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Domestic Workers’ Rights Legislation Passed

By Neal Tepel

September 6, 2010

New York Governor Patterson signed into law the first-ever U.S. law that upholds domestic workers’ rights.  Nannies, housekeepers, and  caregivers in New York are covered under this legislation. The bill includes guaranteed sick days, overtime pay, protection from discrimination, and notice before termination.  Six years of campaigning by Domestic Workers United and many advocates organization paid off by the passage of this landmark legislation.

“We correct an historic injustice by granting those who care for the elderly, raise our children and clean our homes the same essential rights to which all workers should be entitled,” Governor Paterson said. “I am grateful to the sponsors for their extraordinary efforts to enact this landmark bill, and most of all to those domestic workers who dreamed, planned, organized and then fought for many years, until they were able to see an injustice undone.”

The 1932 National Labor Relations Act, the main law which protects workers and covers enforcement of union contracts, excluded domestic workers and farmworkers.

September 6, 2010

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