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Disability Lawyer Stuart Salles Wins Big for Workers

May 6, 2016 

Stuart Salles

By Silver Krieger

New York, NY – Stuart Salles has good news for injured workers: he wins often for them, and he wins big.  Salles’s firm, started in 1984, represents public-employee unions exclusively. Salles’s specialty is disability pensions, and, filing more than 150 claims a year, he is the biggest pension and disability lawyer in New York City. 

 He represents clients throughout the process, from the initial reviews of their medical records to interviews with the medical boards that review them.  He works on getting pensions as well as social security disability for workers. Says Salles, “None of these are phoney cases.  These are hard cases. The results are so phenomenal. Doctors break our chops, give us a hard time, but we know what we’re doing.”

Salles says he gets a lot of personal fulfillment from helping people with disabilities.  In cases where a city worker is injured, or ill, and can’t work, he or she has no other means of support.  “In essence,” he says, “they go on the welfare rolls.”  And not only that, he says, but they may be losing their dream.  Teachers, for example, “love to teach.”  For many of them, it is their life goal, and after an injury at work or illness they are left traumatized and heartbroken.  “I can’t help them on losing their life dream.  At the very least, however, I can provide a mechanism where they can have some income while they’re not working at their chosen profession.”

His firm has a sterling reputation, and “a success rate of 90 to 95%,” he says.  One of the reasons they are known as one of the best, he says, is that their motto is “We never give up.”  “If we believe in the client and believe in the case,” says Salles, they will keep going for as long as it takes.  He just finished a case he has been working on for eight years, “and we won it,” he adds. In the same vein of helping labor, Stuart Salles has also just taken on the role of Acting CEO at LaborPress.  “I want LaborPress to be the best organization, the most prolific, and the best known labor news source. “I think it’s terrific, and I hope to make it even more terrific.”  

May 6, 2016

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