May 28, 2013
By John Merlino

Many injured workers, especially union members, may be eligible for what’s called Disability Pension Benefits.  In general, however, disability benefits are considered to be temporary cash benefits for people injured off the job. In other words, an injury that did not arise out of, or in the course of, employment.  This type of benefit may be offered under a private disability plan, and/or a plan an employer may have employees contribute to in order to offset the cost of the plan. The employer may also fund the plan herself.


April 2, 2013
By John Merlino of Dinkes and Schwitzer

Working men and women are hearty folks. But there's a time when toughing it out is the last thing you want to do: when you're injured on the job.


A Fighter's Instinct

October 15, 2012
John Merlino of Dinkes and Schwitzer

As lead trial counsel for the law firm of Dinkes & Schwitzer, partner William Schwitzer is accustomed to many prestigious awards and attention-grabbing headlines declaring multi-million dollar verdicts. But behind all the accolades that come with being part of one of the most successful personal injury firms in the State, is a person who simply does not like to see injured workers pushed around when their lives have changed due to an accident.


Proper Planning Before Being Injured

June 12, 2012
By John Merlino
Recently, I came across a worker who suffered a dislocated shoulder and still went to work with a sling. While at work, he removed the sling in order to perform a task that required both hands. Needless to say, the injury worsened. In unbearable pain, he had to go home.


Tell Your Doctor

February 14, 2012
By John C. Merlino, Esq.
If you get hurt on the job and need medical attention, make sure your doctors know the details as to how you got injured at work. This information will assist your doctor and you with any claim you may be filing due to your injury. So refer your doctor to your employer’s workers compensation insurance policy — and leave your own private insurance card in your wallet.


A Campaign Grows in Brooklyn

January 13, 2012
By Bendix Anderson, LaborPress Senior Editor

About a hundred lawyers and politicos gathered at Queen Restaurant January 9, for an evening of wine, good food, and political fundraising.


$3.3 Million for Police Officer

January 9, 2012

By John C. Merlino, Esq.

The van that struck one of our clients pushed his vehicle into a Bronx intersection, over a curb and onto a sidewalk. Injuries from the crash never fully healed and have consigned our client, a police officer, to a desk job at the police department, even after two spinal surgeries.


Dinkes & Schwitzer - Super Lawyers A Tradition of Excellence

December 6, 2011
Securing a $10 million verdict for an auto accident victim is a once in a lifetime achievement for any attorney. For William Schwitzer, who obtained the largest motor vehicle accident verdict in New York State in 2010, it’s part of his ongoing legacy.


$8.5 Million Verdict for Construction Laborer

November 10, 2011
By John C. Merlino,Esq

Imagine his terror as one of our clients felt himself slip towards a gaping hole at an unsafe construction site.

He fell more than 25 feet, striking his head and shattering the bones in his leg. Fortunately he came to my law firm Dinkes & Schwitzer. William Schwitzer, our lead trial attorney, knew the young laborer deserved more than just workers compensation — this unsafe construction site failed to comply with the New York State Labor Law.


October 10, 2011

By William Schwitzer

When our client was asked to disassemble a scaffold in Long Island, he trusted that the structure he was standing on was sturdy and safe. His assurance transformed into shock and disbelief, as seconds later the platform planks began to collapse beneath his feet. 


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