Detroit Teachers Union Sues to Ax Emergency Manager

February  6, 2016
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Detroit, MI – The Detroit Federation of Teachers filed a lawsuit Jan. 29 asking a judge to order the city to fix dilapidated schools and fire state-imposed emergency manager Darnell Earley.

Several parents joined the suit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court. It argues that students have been exposed to health hazards severe enough to deprive them of their constitutional right to a “minimally adequate education.” “Asking a child to learn or a teacher to instruct with steam coming from their mouth due to the cold in the classroom, in vermin-infested rooms, with ceiling tiles falling from above, with buckets to catch the rain water falling from above, or in buildings that are literally making them sick is more than what is legally or constitutionally tolerable,” it says. “The state had its chance to show whether it can run a major school system,” DFT interim President Ivy Bailey said at a news conference. “It failed miserably, and it’s time to give up the reins of power.” Read more

February 6, 2016

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