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Day Care Workers To Rally Against Closings

June 9, 2015

Workers will rally in support of Day Care & Head Start programs

Workers will rally in support of Day Care & Head Start programs

New York NY – Members of Day Care Employees Local 205 and Head Start Employees 95 will rally on the steps of City Hall on Tuesday, June 9, in an effort to halt the closing of an increasing number of public day care and Head Start programs around town. 

The 2 p.m. event comes in opposition to the loss of vital programs, including those run by Catholic Charities in Brooklyn and Queens. 

Numerous hard-pressed communities have already seen important public centered programs disappear in their neighborhoods due to inadequate funding. Worker advocates also say that the Administration for Children’s Services has been too slow in replacing problematic sponsoring boards. 

Union members are calling on the city to increase funding to head off more closings, as well as boost wages and benefits for dedicated child care employees. At least a dozen well-established child care programs have shuttered in the midst of a Request for Proposal process that some on the city council have found questionable. 

Without help for the de Blasio administration, union members fear that the system is in severe jeopardy. 

June 8, 2015

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