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D.C.-Baltimore Janitors Approve New Contract

August 3, 2015
By Steve Wishmia and Neal Tepel

Local 32BJ SEIU has ratified a contract that will give about 10,500 commercial office cleaners in the Washington and Baltimore areas annual raises of 50 cents an hour for the next four years. The deal with the Washington Service Contractors Association, approved July 25, also increases the number of paid sick days from three to four for workers in the Baltimore area, who are not protected by the seven-day minimum required in Washington and Maryland’s Montgomery County.

Part-time cleaners in Baltimore will get a raise from $12.70 an hour to $13.20 next July, and full-time workers will go up to $13.70. "The men and women who clean our offices have won a great contract that will help them better support their families and our economy," 32BJ SEIU Vice President Jaime Contreras said in a statement. Read more

August 3, 2015

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