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CWA Addresses Age Discrimination

December 26, 2017

By Neal Tepel

The Communication Workers of America has filed a class action lawsuit against several companies including T-Mobile and Amazon for alleged age discrimination. Its alleged that these employers and others mentioned in the suit, exclude people from job opportunities because of age. CWA has been tracking postings in all platforms including Facebook and Twitter.  CWA filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the age discrination  practice violates federal, state and locals laws.

Age discrimination can be hard to prove unless it’s overt. It’s usually carefully masked. One in five workers is over the age of 55; 68 percent of older workers believe that they have experienced age discrimination. The onset of this discrimination starts when workers are in their 50s. The primary way workers find out about job openings is online which could be a disadvantage for seniors.

More real evidence is piling up to challenge companies. The Villareal lawsuit in 2010 showed significant changes for job seekers.  Online formats predominate job postings and exclude applicants based on age. In this case against R.J Reynolds, 20,000 older applicants were excluded from being considered.

December 26, 2017

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