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CTA: Trump Is Result Of GOP Putting Party Over Country

October 26, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Los Angeles, California – Teacher’s Association President Eric Heins says educators are with Secretary Clinton for President because she has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to kids and education.

[Eric Heins]: “Secretary Clinton has had a history of working for children for her entire career. And so from an education al perspective – she has come to talk to us at a national level – and I think she will make a pretty good president. So I’m with her, very clearly. And not just because I’m against Trump, but because I’m actually with her.”

Heins says even if Trump loses badly, he’s not particularly hopeful that Republicans will suddenly see the light on worker rights and a host of other issues.

[Eric Heins]: “The fact of a Trump candidacy even being possible is not a blip on the screen. It’s actually been the direction that the Republican Party has been heading over many years. And it’s the result of the obstructionism, putting party over country.

But the important part is I think Trump will be gone after November in terms of the election. But we’re still going to have to put this country together and move on after the election. And we’re going to have to heal all of these wounds. We can’t remain this divided. It’s not good for our country. Certainly not good for our democracy.

And when we talk about workers’ rights, it’s not a good situation if we can’t move forward.”

October 25, 2016

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